Vic started his Letters series as a personal project. Taking two years to complete, due to commissions and travelling far and wide, this project shows Vic’s appreciation for the humble letter. Each form has it’s own character and personality. There are no rhymes or reasons to each, but simply letting the pen do the work. These letters, if you have followed Vic on Instagram, are almost all made up as he draws. Keeping the ink fluid and organic, the lines almost appear then disappear, creating an organic and poetic shape.
The beautiful letter...

The prints are priced at £40 each + P&P Worldwide
They are hand printed by Vic in his studio in Camberwell/ Peckham to GF Smith Zen white paper. 150gsm
The size of each are approx 34cm x 34cm (The paper is all hand trimmed, so there may be a few millimetres give)Vic wants to keep this process as machine free as possible, as this adds to the skills involved in the full process.

£40.00 Each