Vic Lee is an artist, illustrator, map maker, typographer, dreamer and inker. With an extensive career in graphic design, Vic upped and left the Mac and cheese for inks and pens. His work is like storytelling. Grabbing a moment in time, and celebrating that moment. In his street prints which he calls Londonereas, thats what they are - Londoners Areas, it’s that, a celebration of time.There is huge pride in this big smoky city.

The Londonereas prints are Vic’s thing, his starting point. The beginning, the hello, hi, how you doing to a successful career in inking.

Vic has gone onto bigger more elaborate works, creating murals all around the world using his trademark typographic style. He has created bespoke works for the likes of Virgin Atlantic, Nike, Ticketmaster, M&S, The RSC and has a full commissioned range in The Tate!

Vic lives in South London and cycles the well worn streets of London. He has been featured in various publications and won a few awards here and there. Which is nice.

His passion is illustration, imagination and pushing the boundaries of thought. Taking the simple line a pen makes and turning it into a piece of art.

Do you want to know some people who have commissioned Vic? Sure thing...

British Airways

Heathrow Airport

Virgin Atlantic


Jaguar Landrover





Marks & Spencer

The Tate

The Zetter Hotels

Four Seasons Hotels

Rocco Forte Hotels

Brompton Bicycles

And a few others...


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