Peckham Type

Limited Edition of 100

Hand printed to 300gsm Somerset Soft White 100% cotton paper. Size: 70cm x 50cm

Beautiful Peckham. My take in type on Peckham. Adorable beauty, busy as a busy thing, hustlers, bustlers, greens and dreams. Where everyones a star in their own right, and cultures are cultured. Of many faces, races, places and community spirits run true.


SOLD OUT PRINTSVicLee-SoldOut.html
PRINTS SHOPVicLee-SoldOut.html
WALTHAMSTOW VILLAGE E17VicLee_Wathamstow_Village.html
SHOREDITCH E2VicLee_Shoreditch.html
LONDON TOWNVicLee_London_Map.html
BELLENDEN ROAD SE15VicLee_Bellenden_Road.html
CROUCH END N8VicLee_Crouch_End.html